Sex As a Acience: Facts About Pleasure

A neuropathologist once said: "Is there anything else that is equally accessible, enjoyable, low in calories, and at the same time exercising the body?" Abstracting from relationships, psychology, and cultural patterns, we have collected five facts about sex that scientifically explain why it is so good. By the way, silly jokes about "long sex" and "I have a headache again" have a lot of scientific bases.

Human sexual behavior is very different from that of other animals.

As well as the prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain responsible for control, analysis and other signs of thinking), we got sexual behavior in draft mode, an alpha version with many "bugs". We can even say that this is a global experiment of evolution, which has not yet ended and is far from being considered successful.


For example, man is the only species that has several systems of mating behavior (monogamy, polygamy, polygamy, polyandry, and much more). The reason for this is the speed of the evolutionary leap and the development of the brain, which brought us out of the direct influence of natural selection - the main condition for success was not so much genetically transmitted information as extra genetically transmitted knowledge. In different countries, generations quickly adapted to given conditions in the form of geographic and social factors. Therefore, in Tibet, polyandry was widespread (in such a model it was easier to survive), and in Europe - for exactly the same reason - monogamy was established. And, apparently, right now we are rapidly moving towards the model of single parenting because now you can also survive that way.

How else does our behavior differ from the classical patterns of sexual behavior in animals?

    First, a woman is the only female animal that is capable of having sex life continuously from the moment of puberty.

    Secondly (as if the first is not enough), women are the only species, according to the external signs of which it is impossible to determine ovulation and which itself does not know and does not feel the moment of its ovulation.

Something similar can be observed except in vervet monkeys, which, by the way, are not our direct ancestors. They live in group marriages, they also ovulate latently, and the ability to have sex outside of this period and the use of sex as an incentive contribute to the fact that males take care of females and offspring all year round. However, even with them, females cannot have sex all year round, but only in a certain period before and after ovulation. Do you have any idea how lucky we really are?


Feelings of sex can be measured in currency

A strange question, nevertheless studied by scientists who even found the answer and can say how much sex costs according to our feelings.

Dartmouth College economists in England surveyed 16,000 people about their sexual activity and feelings of well-being. They found that increased sexual activity — going from once a month to having love once a week — correlated with a rise in self-esteem on the “happiness scale,” the equivalent of earning an additional $ 50,000 in income. (And, contrary to stereotypes, those who earn more do not have sex more often.) The happiest, according to these data, were married couples who had sex a third more often than single ones. Economists estimate that a long, happy marriage equates on a "happiness scale" with $ 100,000 in additional income annually, and divorce is equivalent to about $ 66,000 in annual losses.


Sex improves health and prolongs youth

In a study at Duke University, scientists monitored the lifestyles of 252 people for 25 years in an effort to determine what factors affect its duration. Among other factors, the frequency of intercourse, as well as pleasure from sex, were taken into account. It turned out that in relation to men, the frequency of intercourse was a significant factor in increasing life expectancy. As for women, this indicator did not play a special role: life expectancy was higher for women who claim to be satisfied with the sex.

Three times a week in a stress-free relationship can help you look 10 years younger, according to scientific research more than 3,500 men and women between 18 and 102 years old and concluded that our appearance depends on genetics only 25%, and the rest is determined by lifestyle.


In this study, experts had to determine the age of people by observing them through a one-way mirror. Those men and women whose age was underestimated by 7–12 years were called super-young, and the most obvious common factor in the “super young” lifestyle was an active sex life. They reported having sex at least three times a week (control subjects averaged twice a week). Scientists offer one explanation for this phenomenon: sexual activity in women promotes the production of the hormone growth hormone, which helps maintain a youthful appearance. In addition, sex improves metabolism, and love relationships themselves serve as an incentive to take care of Belfast escorts appearance and keep themselves in shape.

According to another interesting observation, it is revealed that orgasms increase the number of immune cells by 20%. There is ample evidence suggesting that sexually active Newcastle escorts have higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA - antibodies that enhance immunity). Here, by the way, is another good preventive measure to strengthen immunity during a pandemic.

Another important hormone associated with sexual activity is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), the level of which rises several times compared to the usual one right before the onset of orgasm. According to some reports, DHEA improves the functioning of the brain, the condition of the skin, heart, and blood vessels, and also balances the immune system.

The list of health benefits from sex can be continued for a long time, making it several times longer. It may be time to start a sex promotion campaign, following the healthy food campaign as an example.


"Have a headache? " - the problem is not in sex, but in its quality

Get it straight to the point: Orgasms can help relieve some types of pain. A number of recent research studies have shown that women who regularly reach orgasm have a higher pain threshold for conditions such as lumbago or arthritis. This is likely due to the fact that oxytocin levels increase fivefold before orgasm, which in turn releases endorphins that relieve pain. Increasing estrogen production in women can also relieve PMS pain.


If a woman says, “Not today, I have a headache,” that doesn't make any sense, as a number of recent research studies have indicated that orgasm reduces migraine pain. Of the 52 migraine sufferers, 16 reported significant relief after orgasm, and in 8 others the headache resolved completely. In a more recent, similar study, another 83 women with migraines were involved: orgasm served as a pain reliever for about half of them.

In general, pleasure works as well as pills, but it works faster, has no side effects, and is cheaper. So if a woman suddenly refuses to have sex because of a headache, it is likely that she simply does not get an orgasm within the framework of this relationship.


The duration of sex is really important

How much and how often should you have sex? The answer, of course, is purely individual, but interesting figures still exist. So, the average statistics of the sexual life of couples is not impressive and reports on the duration of intercourse from three to seven minutes with an average value of about five minutes. At the tenth minute, records begin, which are available to less than 12% of couples.


On that note, it's time to get back to science. One of the parts of our peripheral nervous system - the autonomic nervous system - is responsible for the activity of internal organs, glands of internal and external secretion, blood and lymphatic vessels, as well as some of the muscles. In turn, it is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic parts - in fact, it is a gas and a brake in our body. The sympathetic part of the nervous system is adrenaline, norepinephrine, energy release. Parasympathetic is a decrease in heart rate, increased pressure, recovery.

What follows is a very interesting study by the scientists, when Luton escorts were put on heart monitors and began to observe their heart rate during sex. It turned out that the sexual act can proceed with the activation of either sympathy or parasympathetic. At the same time, if a person's parasympathetic reaction prevails during sex, he does not get tired, but, on the contrary, recovers strength, saves heart contractions, and becomes a real “energizer”, ready to work and run without stopping. You could even say that with sex, he prolongs his life. If the reaction is sympathetic, then after intercourse the person falls into prostration and does not want to do anything except “just lie down”.


The experiment showed that if the act lasts up to 10 minutes, the partners have a predominant sympathetic response to orgasm. But if intercourse lasts longer, the body independently rebuilds itself to parasympathetic - simply in order to support itself and restore the expended strength. As a result, both partners receive a charge of vivacity, energy, and spiritual closeness with each other. So the length of the "act of love" is of great importance: consider that sex under 10 minutes is not very good for your health.


All of the above facts about how we are arranged in terms of sexuality help to look at our actions and desires from the side opposite to emotions. Therefore, we deliberately did not include facts on the topic of "hormones of happiness and love" in them.


Many of the studies above may sound ridiculous, but they help you to think seriously and openly comprehend one of the most enjoyable activities available to humans. After all, if we remove the taint of cultural connotations, including imposed social roles, external stresses, and inhibitions, sex is a healthy and rewarding activity that helps us look better, live longer, and get sick less.

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